NEW - The Improvised Musical

NEW – The Improvised Musical (Spectacle en anglais)



In NEW, we improvise EVERYTHING!

The AUDIENCE provides a title, location and plot twists.

ACTORS-SINGERS dance, invent characters, melodies and lyrics.

MUSICIANS compose on the spot and rock the house.

An IILLUSTRATOR draws, projects images and designs the set in real time.

The MC orchestrates the whole adventure...with YOU!


A self-reNEWing musical, 100% improvised



An audience delight, a truly collaborative show – ELLE

NEW enchants the audience - LE PARISIEN

This kamikaze troupe of improvisers accomplishes the impossible MUSICAL AVENUE

An original Broadway musical every time 20 MINUTES

The fearless loonies of improvised musical theatre FRANCE INFO


Mondays at 8pm

27th Jan

24th Febr

16th March


Artistic Direction: 
Florian Bartsch, Antoine Lefort


Actors-Singers: Robert Brazil, Charlotte Donnelly, Lexie Kendrick, Perrine Megret, Emma Scherer, Barbara Weber-Scaff, Laura Woody

Musicians: Antoine Lefort, Paul Colomb, Nicolas Didier, Samuel Domergue, Florence Kraus, Yann Lupu, Niels Mestre, David Rémy, Benjamin Pras

Illustrators: Loïc Billiau, Sophie Raynal

Media: Guillaume BERTRAND / Coupe-fil communications

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